This weekend, I went to iOS Dev Camp. I learned how to program using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There, my mom and I joined a few teachers who wanted to make an app that would help teachers assess a student’s reading level and help the student learn to read. The web app starts with a page to select whether the user is a student or a teacher. The teacher and student would use separate devices. On the student app’s screen, there would be a word that they would have to pronounce. The teacher can the rate the student’s performance on a scale of five. Then, once the teacher has scored the student, the student app will automatically show the next word. In this way, there are many more types of questions, which in turn will be used to derive a reading level for the student. Then, the teacher will see graphs of the student’s performance. Along with the graphs, there are videos, books, apps, and other suggestions to help the student learn how to read. This demo web app is called RightToRead, and was made entirely at iOS Dev Camp 2016. The app is open-sourced on GitHub, and even won the prize for the “Best Literary App.”